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The national platform that brings together employers and job seekers with a refugee background

Through skill-based matching, RefugeeWork facilitates the first contact with the right employer or candidate

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Wijchen07 offers refugees a unique opportunity to get in touch with employers…

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    Easily create a profile and indicate what skills you have

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    Get suggestions for suitable vacancies based on your skills

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    Easy communication with reliable employers who are explicitly open to making refugees successful in their organisation

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    Find information on the Dutch labour market, available in 11 languages

... and also has important benefits for employers

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    Hiring motivated, hard-working and loyal employees. After all, work is the best way to integrate into a new country

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    Getting in touch with this target group at scale, with clear information on one's skills

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    Get clear information on hiring and managing refugees

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    Making social impact for the refugee, your company and the Netherlands

VluchtelingenWerk Nederland

"A lot of existing talent is not found and, therefore, not utilised, despite an abundance of vacancies. We find it incredibly important for refugees to maintain control and autonomy over their lives if they are able to do so. They need a way to find work without guidance or coaches. RefugeeWork allows refugees to show who they are and what they can do. Support is available if they need it."

Start Foundation

"Start Foundation is committed to helping people who may struggle to find work. Success in the labour market starts with the right match. We were not aware of any national platform on which asylum permit holders can present and offer themselves. This is that platform. Start Foundation, in cooperation with VluchtelingenWerk Nederland, is making it happen."

RefugeeWork has just been launched. This is the first version of the platform and we are working hard to constantly improve it. Sign up now and help us build a network of enthusiastic jobseekers and employers together!