What is RefugeeWork?

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What is the role of the RefugeeWork platform?

RefugeeWork is the national platform that brings employers and refugees together through skill-based matching. RefugeeWork facilitates the search for the right vacancy or candidate and takes care of the first contact, after which the follow-up proceeds through the companies’ standard procedures. RefugeeWork also provides clear information in the refugee’s language regarding regulations, grant opportunities, and special issues to consider.

RefugeeWork is an initiative by VluchtelingenWerk Nederland and Start Foundation.

How secure is the platform?

RefugeeWork is designed with the security of users and their data in mind. The platform complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The platform only asks for personal data necessary for the platform to function properly and to facilitate communication between job seekers and employers. For an overview of the data we request, please see our Privacy Statement.

Employers undergo a check when signing up for RefugeeWork. Despite this check, it is the user’s responsibility to exercise caution when contacting employers. For example, never share personal information such as your BSN or bank account number through the message centre.