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VluchtelingenWerk handles your personal data with care
VluchtelingenWerk Nederland is a national foundation that operates in all asylum seekers’ centres and has locations in several Dutch municipalities. Our employees collect, register and use personal data in the performance of their work. According to privacy laws (General Data Protection Regulation),
VluchtelingenWerk is responsible for the proper handling of that data. The privacy laws require us to protect your data and handle it with care.

For jobseekers using RefugeeWork
You are looking for work and have created an account.

Why we store your personal data
After creating an account, you can view jobs posted by various employers. The information registered in your account and your chat conversations with potential employers are collected in a single, central location, eliminating the need to register your personal data each time.

To support you - execution of the agreement
RefugeeWork requires basic information such as your name and email address to offer the services on RefugeeWork. This allows VluchtelingenWerk to create an account. Certain records are also created automatically, such as your jobs worked through RefugeeWork.

To match you with a potential employer - your consent
You can also add data such as a photo or video of you. We only process this data with your explicit consent. If you choose to make your profile available to a potential employer, we will ask for explicit permission each time. For more information about withdrawing your consent, see “Your personal data and rights”.

For employers to find you through a talent pool
RefugeeWork offers the option to be included in a talent pool, which means that employers can view your profile listed under an alias along with other job seekers. You must give your consent once to be included in the talent pool while creating your profile. For more information about withdrawing your consent, see “Your personal data and rights”.

The personal data we process
VluchtelingenWerk only processes personal data necessary to match you with a potential employer.

The personal data you are required to register are:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • City/region/province


  • Text about yourself
  • Phone number
  • Photo
  • CV - Work history and educational background
  • Functional skills gained through work history
  • Social skills
  • Language skills, languages
  • Introductory video of yourself

Generated/automatically compiled:

  • Jobs worked through RefugeeWork
  • Reputation in stars
  • Written assessment by employers
  • E-learning progress
  • Personalised job feed

You may also share personal data in the chat conversations you have with a potential employer in the portal. For example, you may explain more about your CV.

I am a business customer
We also process the personal data of our business customer (e.g. potential employers) contacts. To contact existing and future business customers, we store some contact information in RefugeeWork’s system.

Why we store your personal data
We only process your personal data and other data you provide to:

  • facilitate the service on the RefugeeWork platform;
  • contact you about hiring employees;
  • send newsletters and other RefugeeWork-related messages.

We consider it necessary to process this data for the execution of the agreement for existing business customers and customers with whom we are negotiating. If we store your data in our system, it is based on a legitimate interest to welcome you as a potential customer.

The personal data we process
We need your contact information to create an account for you.

  • Name (first and last name);
  • Business email addresses;
  • Business phone numbers.

Sharing your personal data
VluchtelingenWerk does not share personal data with other organisations. Your personal data will only be shared with a potential employer or job seeker if the job seeker agrees to a connection request. Employers registered on RefugeeWork can only see some of your personal data. We use carefully selected vendors—including Youbahn (processor)—for the RefugeeWork website. We have entered into agreements with these suppliers to ensure that they process your data according to our instructions and in compliance with legal requirements.

Your personal data is secured through appropriate technical and organisational measures. This means that only you have access to your account and personal data. Only employees with the correct authorisation can access your file in our digital client tracking system. Chat conversations with an employer or job seeker in the RefugeeWork portal are secure and can be viewed by RefugeeWork staff. VluchtelingenWerk’s employees have a duty of confidentiality and are obliged to treat your data in confidence.

Retention periods
If you are a jobseeker, we will store your information for up to 1.5 years after your last interaction in RefugeeWork’s system. After one year, you will receive a reminder that your account will be deleted in six months. In the six months that follow, you will receive an email reminder each month. If you do not respond to any of these emails, your account will be deleted automatically. A year and a half may sound like a long time, but it ensures that you retain access to your account and the ability to find a job through RefugeeWork.

If you are a business customer, we will store your contact information (name, business email address and phone number) as long as we have a contract with you or you are an employer using our service on the RefugeeWork platform.

Your data and rights
You can view, modify or delete your personal data through your account.

Making changes to your file
The data in the file must be factually correct. If you believe
anything to be factually incorrect or irrelevant, you can change most of the information in your account. Data such as jobs worked can be changed on request. To do so, send an email to the operations team at

Deleting your personal data
You can remove some personal data removed from your file
yourself. You must sign in to do so. You can also delete your entire account by sending a request to You will receive a confirmation that your account will be deleted. All personal data will be removed when your account is deleted.

Objection to the use of your data by VluchtelingenWerk
You have the right to object to the use of your personal data. You can send your objection to your contact person or the email addresses at the bottom of the page.

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Essential cookies
We use certain cookies that are necessary for the operation of our site. Examples include cookies for signing in and using forms.

Tracking cookies: Google Analytics
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The information Google collects is anonymised as much as possible and is set according to the Dutch Data Protection Authority guidelines.

  • We have concluded a processing agreement with Google;
  • The last octet of your IP address is masked;
  • The various “data sharing” options are turned off;
  • VluchtelingenWerk does not use other Google services in conjunction with the Google Analytics cookies.

The information is transferred to and stored by Google on servers in the United States. Google is bound by the European Commission’s model contracts, which serve as the legal basis for this export of personal data.

Tracking cookies: Salesfeed
We may place a tracking cookie on the business registration page with your permission. Using this tracking cookie, our vendor Salesfeed checks its database of IP addresses to determine if the IP address is from an organisation known to Salesfeed. If this is the case, we will be notified by Salesfeed that your company has visited our site. If your IP address is not in the Salesfeed database, it will be removed immediately.

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More information and contact
For more information regarding data protection and your rights, please contact your VluchtelingenWerk contact. You can also contact
VluchtelingenWerk Nederland’s data protection officer
directly. The relevant email addresses are listed below.

For complaints about the processing of your personal data, please contact VluchtelingenWerk's data protection officer:

You can also contact Vluchtelingenwerk's data protection

If you have any questions about the protection of your personal data, you can also contact the Dutch Data Protection Authority outside our organisation.
To do so, visit The Data Protection Authority is an independent regulator for personal data protection in the Netherlands. The
Data Protection Authority ensures that companies and organisations comply with privacy laws.

Newsletters and automatic messaging
To maintain and increase the connection with our clients, VluchtelingenWerk sends newsletters and other automatic messaging to its clients. If you no longer wish to receive newsletters or other automated communications, you can unsubscribe free of charge at any time using the link at the bottom of the emails.

We also send automatic notifications to our clients. Clients can also unsubscribe free of charge at any time using the link at the bottom of the emails we send.